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Enhancing data quality in Marketo


Accurate and complete data is the foundation of successful marketing campaigns. In Marketo, ensuring the quality of your data is crucial for effective segmentation, personalization, and targeting.

Read on to learn more on the best practices for identifying and cleansing incomplete or invalid data in Adobe Marketo Engage. By implementing these strategies, you can enhance data quality, improve campaign effectiveness, and drive better results.

Conducting a data audit

Start by conducting a comprehensive data audit to understand the current state of your database. Review key data fields, such as email addresses, phone numbers, names, and company information. Identify incomplete or invalid data points that need attention. Marketo's reporting and analytics features can help you identify areas of concern, allowing you to focus your efforts on data cleansing.

Creating smart lists for identifying incomplete data

Leverage Marketo's smart list functionality to create targeted lists for incomplete data. Here are some examples:

Missing Email Addresses: Create a smart list to identify leads with missing email addresses. These leads cannot be targeted using email and may be invalid. Use this list to implement targeted actions, such as reaching out through alternative channels to verify the correct email addresses.

Incomplete Company Information: Develop a smart list to identify leads with incomplete company information, such as missing industry, company size or country. This data is essential for effective segmentation and personalization. Use targeted campaigns in combination with progressive profiling in your forms to encourage leads to provide the missing information. You can also leverage third-party data enrichment services to complete the data.

Blank or Invalid Fields: Create smart lists to identify leads with blank or invalid fields, such as missing names or phone numbers with incorrect formats - or any other data that is key to your business requirements. These lists enable you to take targeted actions to update or correct the data.

Regular Data Maintenance

Data cleansing is an ongoing process. You should establish a regular data maintenance routine to maintain data quality in Marketo. Schedule periodic reviews to identify and address data inconsistencies or incompleteness. Use Marketo's automation capabilities to implement recurring workflows or campaigns to collect missing data or validate existing data.

High-quality data is essential for successful marketing campaigns. By implementing best practices for identifying and cleansing incomplete or invalid data in your database, you can enhance quality, improve targeting, and drive better results. Conduct data audits, create smart lists to identify issues, leverage smart campaign flow steps for data cleansing, and establish regular data maintenance routines. With a focus on data quality, you can unlock Marketo’s full automation potential and keep your sales team happy.